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digital products

‣ Buy books, music, games & more directly from creators

‣ Sell digital products for Monero (which you can exchange to cash)

‣ Zero fees, works globally, no bank account required

The crypto-friendly way to sell your digital products – Direct payments and instant downloads

Launch your products in 1 click

Monero is cash for the internet

Monero is a fast and secure way to send and receive money online.

No bank account, application or government ID is required. Simply download a wallet for your phone or computer to send and receive money worldwide with one click.

Monero’s simplicity and accessibility makes it an ideal payment method for online stores, remote work, remittances, tips, fundraisers and more.

Pay creators directly

With Monero, you’re in control of your money and business.

Monero is software and doesn’t rely on third parties or corporations. Transactions can’t be censored, funds can’t be frozen and users can’t be deplatformed.

With Vendo, you can have peace of mind that the content creator receives 100% of the payment. Fair, feeless and no third parties.

Spend Monero anywhere

Exchange Monero to cash, shop online or pay bills.

It’s easy to exchange Monero to physical cash with LocalMonero, Bisq or a Crypto ATM (no bank account required).

Marketplaces like MoneroMarket and directories like Monerica and AcceptedHere help you to buy what you need with Monero.

In addition, CakePay and CoinCards offer prepaid Visa cards and gift cards to thousands of businesses. Personal shoppers like ProxyStore, Sovereign Stack and ShopInBit offer a convenient way to pay invoices with Monero.

Monero’s flexibility makes it easy to support your favorite content creators and be your own boss.

For creators

Whether you’re a writer, artist, musician or gamer, it’s easy to sell digital products with Vendo.

Vendo supports download links, unique codes (e.g. game keys) and file uploads.

You receive payments directly to your Monero wallet and buyers receive the product automatically after payment.

For fans

Support your favorite content creators directly.

Vendo doesn’t take fees, is available worldwide and doesn’t require a bank account.

Whether you are buying an album, web design assets, premium content or a recipe, Vendo makes it easy.

For you

Get started with selling digital products – it only takes one click.

All you need is a Monero wallet and a goal.